Friday, February 17, 2017

Smallmouths & Rainbows on Maramec Spring

Inevitably, fishing always slows down during the winter months. Not only do most Missouri parks close during the week, and fishing is limited to catch & release, but my own enthusiasm seems to be sapped by the idea of standing out in single digit temperatures until I can't feel my fingers. Usually, I'll hunker down at home, tie flies in my office, and try not gain so much weight that my waders don't fit. (Unsurprisingly, my total miles jogged also seems to drop in the winter, again leading to tighter waders.)

This year, I was able to mitigate the winter fishing drought somewhat. Through the Missouri Conservation Department's Winter Fishing Program, I was able to sneak out of the office during my lunch hour a few times to go fishing at a nearby lake that was stocked by the MDC with Rainbow Trout. Even though I was able to squeeze in a handful of trips throughout the winter months, I never did catch a trout. In fact, I only saw one other angler catch anything the entire time I was out there. The trout seemed stunned to be transported to an urban lake, and honestly, I had no idea how to fish for them in a small, still, mossy pond. I guess it's the thought that counts with the Winter Fishing Program.

The MDC, stocking an urban lake

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