Monday, September 25, 2017

Tenkara Trials at Maramec Spring - June 2017

Back in July of this year, Emily and I welcomed our bouncing 9 pound (now 12.5 pound) baby boy, Willie, to the family. And get this: it turns out parenting is pretty damn time consuming and exhausting. Between the diaper changes; midnight, 2 AM, and 4 AM feedings; car seat installation classes; and just general chaos around the house, there hasn't been a ton of time to pop off to the stream for a bit of fishing. It has been nuts, but absolutely amazing. Look at this little lump. He's the best. Why would I want to ditch him to go hang out with some fish?

That said, I do find myself sitting in my cubicle at work, blank-faced staring off into space and trying to imagine the sounds of the Current River below the dam at Montauk, or visualizing the flash of white trout belly when a strike is landed. The smell of a campfire and feel of damp, cold autumn ground. As of right now, the next fishing trip I have in the books is a weekend Emily and I are trying to put together for mid-December (probably Montauk). Our weekend schedules are pretty much jam-packed tight until year's end, and my short day-trips are pretty much on hold until Willie is a bit older.

The last fishing trip I was able to sneak away for was back in June, and Emily was only 8 months pregnant. I met up with my pal Jake from St. Charles (who coincidentally also has a pregnant wife), and we drove the 90 miles to St. James to have a day of fishing at Maramec Spring. This trip would prove to be an exercise in patience and first-experiences, full of surprises and frustrations.

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