Monday, January 7, 2019

Tying the El Diablo Fly

El Diablo
The first time I tied the El Diablo Fly, which roughly translates to, "The The Devil Fly" was on my kitchen counter a few nights ago. It was the Friday night of my first week back at work after the holidays, and even though it was a shortened week, it somehow didn't feel that way. The baby was sleeping and wife was working, so I busted out my Christmas toys.

The El Diablo is the first in a series of six flies I will be tying as a part of my subscription to PostFly, a subscription all-in-one fly-tying materials package my wife, Emily, gifted me for Christmas. I had never heard of the company or the fly pattern before, but wow, she really knocked it out of the park. The package included all the materials one would need to tie a specific pattern, and even though it didn't come with instructions, it did have a complete model fly example included that I could try and copy. Ultimately, I think my first effort could have been a bit neater, so I decided to try again tonight to get a better example. I am happy to say my sophomoric effort was much more successful, and I am looking forward to tying more of this pattern in the future.

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