Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trip Summary - Montauk State Park, August 2015

Early last week, sitting at my cubicle, I realized that I had an event-free weekend coming up for the first time in a long time. I decided to reserve a campsite for Montauk and do a quick overnight trip. My wife, Emily, decided she didn't feel like going, and I couldn't talk any of my friends into joining me either, so it turned into my first solo camping/fishing trip. My buddy Mike Hoffmann had given me his old 2-person tent and sleeping pad, so I only had a small load to bring down with me. Fair warning, when I originally wrote this post in my fishing journal, illuminated by my Coleman lamp, I was about three sheets to the wind. But the sentiment was true. To be honest, it was bit boring and lonely sitting there by myself. Everyone around me seemed to be having a great time with friends and family, and I was there by myself writing in a notebook like a crazy person at the library. My phone battery was at 68%, in airplane mode, and the alarm was set for 6:00 the following morning. My goal was to have enough time to make coffee in the morning and tear down my meager camp before the bell rang.

On the way down to Montauk, I stopped in St. James and bought a six-pack of Rod's Cream Ale by Public House Brewing Company out of St. James. It was an incredibly hard decision, as the gas station just south of town has a surprisingly tremendous beer selection. Rod's Cream Ale is an incredibly delicious beer. I thought the temperature outside was going to be too hot, and make a cream beer somewhat nauseating, but it was perfect. It has the flavor of a heavier cream stout, but without the weight. Really just top notch stuff. Another reason to love St. James, in addition to their competing flag stores. So if you read this post and opine that it goes way off the rails emotionally, blame the Cream Ale.

Rod's Cream Ale, Public House Brewing Co., St. James, Missouri
Rod's Cream Ale, Public House Brewing Co., St. James, Missouri

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