Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Night Fly-Tying GIFs

It's a Friday night and it's just me and Norma sitting around with nothing better to do. I would go out, but I have a pretty busy day planned tomorrow of working with my dad to finish the basement remodel he and I are doing at my house. Emily's working on a term paper for her MBA course, otherwise we'd be binge-watching season four of House of Cards. I figured I'd might as well tie some flies. I'm still on the fence of going fishing again this weekend, so I might as well be prepared if some fly-fishing does arise.

Ever since I tied those John Deere Jigs, I've been wanting to give making some fly-tying GIFs a try. No time like the present, right? So please see below for some quick and dirty fly-tying GIFs. I went with some simple patterns, as I was more concerned with my camera setup than I was with the fly patterns. First up, the Mohair Leech.

When I was fishing the Current River last week, the guy at the fly shop at Reed's Cabins was swearing by the olive Mohair Leech. He was even kind enough to give me one of his so I could copy his pattern. Granted, I did lose his leech to a submerged tree that day, but I remembered well enough how to make it . . . I think.

Mohair Leech - Voss Fish
Size #6 Mohair Leech

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February on the Current River

My New Year's Resolution for 2016 is to fish at least once every month. I accomplished this in February by the skin of my teeth, making a day trip down to the Current River below Montauk State Park on the 28th of the month. This was also the day before my 2015 Missouri fishing license expired, so I was cutting it close on two fronts.

Baptist Campe Access - Voss Fish
Baptist Camp Access - Current River
These early spring weekends have been surprisingly busy, making it harder to sneak away to the streams. They seem much busier than years' past. This weekend alone I had a fish fry with the in-laws on Friday night, an all-day, five microbrewery pub crawl on Saturday, and finally, the Current River day trip on Sunday. Luckily for me, the pub crawl didn't affect my Sunday morning as much as I was fearing it would. In fact, Sunday morning proved to be one of my easiest commutes to Montauk. For the first time in a long time, I didn't have to drive all the way there by myself. I was joined by my brother-in-law, Alan, and my pal David, whom I used to work with at Express Scripts. Having people to talk to made a world of difference on the 2.5 hour trip. It also helped that the days are already getting longer in Missouri, and unlike when I drove down to Montauk back in January, it wasn't pitch black the entire drive.

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