Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Largemouths and Rainbows - Fly-Fishing Weekend - April 2018

When are you going to update your blog? -My Dad.

It's amazing how much time a baby takes up. Since my last post in (checks notes) January (holy crap that was a long time ago) I've only been fishing a handful of times. In that time since my last post, my baby has learned to crawl, and now walk, and he has completely destroyed anything and everything is his wake. Some more of my beard has turned grey and I've lost about 40 pounds. So not too bad of an 11 months, lack of fishing aside. All of that said, I actually do have a day-trip planned for Montauk in a few days, and naturally the weatherman has just predicted two to eight inches of snowfall in the area. Wonderful.(Update: It snowed a whole bunch, and is still snowing.)

Aside from a few Sunday morning visits to Maramec Spring while visiting some in-laws in Cuba, MO, my last significant fishing outing was a two-night stay at Montauk way back in April 2018. Interesting enough, it snowed that trip too. I can't seem to escape the stuff. The trip started off anything but snowy. Blue skies and warm air met me as I left St. Louis with the Ranger loaded to the gills with camping and fishing equipment.

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